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Terrible News

I just got back from a mandatory floor meeting...

I learned that one of the upperclass boys residing in the double two doors down from me passed away this week.  I never knew Nick, but this news has brought me great sorrow.  I am not sure if it is the shock, or my empathy for those who knew him; nevertheless, it is a tragedy that no one should have to endure.  My condolences go to everyone who is grieving, especially Nick's  family, and his roommate, Chris.

This news has made me realize something that I think everyone should take the time to think about.  I realize now in this moment that life is more of a blur than I had ever imagined.  All I remember about Nick was that his door was always open and his room was always full of energy and loud noises, and that whenever I walked by, Chris and Nick would be gaming on their computers or cheering over the present soccer/football game.  I recognize that before I may have cast judgement upon them, thinking that they were a bunch of goofs or computer nerds who didn't leave their room very often...and when I think about it now, I am thankful that Nick made lots of noise down the means he was having fun, and this has taught me a great deal of tolerance and understanding.  Do not get me wrong, I never thought negatively of him or his roommate, but I never took the time to go ask what all the raucous was about...Life's a blur...One day Nick was yelling at his TV screen, the next, his room is empty...and none of us knew until it was too late.  On a campus of some 15,000 students, there will be death...but it will never come easily.  Someone so young should live to complete their education and pursue their goals...Life's a blur because when you don't stop to look around you...the next moment, things have changed, and people two doors down the hall from you have passed away.

Rest In Peace Nick Murray.
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