October 17th, 2010

Recap on Weeks 5-6

Sorry about the wait.  Like I said before though, I may not get to post every day or every week.  Things move very quickly at RIT, and there is little time for much else besides studies.  Weekends are more relaxed, which is why I am writing now while I have the time.

So here is a recap on weeks 5-6 for me:

Week 5:

Monday, as the classic rock band Foreigner would say, was a day like any other day.  I went to classes from 8-2, and then did homework, etc.  Tuesday I decided not to go to Judo because my knees were still extremely sore from the week before, where I had hyper-extended one knee, and strained the other.  The week trudged along...I can't recall anything special happening.  Thursday I went to Biology Lab Review for an hour or so, to study for Friday's Biology Lab Practical (Exam).  Friday, I took the exam, and then relaxed.  Saturday, Maria came up after her SAT in the morning.  Before Maria arrived on Saturday, Kyle and I went to brunch at Gracie's, and on my way in the door, I ran into a friend, Rachel (my friend Nick's girlfriend), who was visiting from ESM.  Apparently Saturday was another RIT Open House for prospective students, and she is a Senior at ESM looking to go to RIT to major in Visual Arts.  So I wound up talking to Rachel and her mom for about two hours, giving them a tour of the residential side of RIT.  Add that to my list of recruited students (on top of Alvaro)...I should get paid to be an RIT recruiter.  Anyways...over the weekend we ate with friends at Paradiso's Pizzeria, and T.C. Riley's Irish Pub, and went to a birthday party of a friend's friend.  

And,I finally got to give Maria her promise ring this weekend!  Remember when Maria and I went to Herkimer Diamond Mine?  Well, I took two of the stones that we found (the two biggest/clearest), and tried to have them cut by a jeweler.  It took me two months of nonstop phone calls to get a hold of the owner of Herkimer Diamond Mine to have it done (It is too difficult to look elsewhere because the stone is quartz and outside cuts would have been very expensive).  The stones were shipped to Colorado and one of the stones was cut into a 0.5 carat round cut, and the other stone which could not be cut was mailed back to me with the cut stone.  I then contacted Tommy Marini's father who owns Jewelry on James in Syracuse (Tommy was our class valedictorian), and asked him if he could set the stone into a custom 14k white gold band for me.  I shipped him the stone, and he set the stone for me.  Then, over the weekend, I read Maria a poem that I wrote, and gave her the ring as a promise ring (In case you are wondering what a promise ring is...it is a promise to propose in the future).  The reason I did this, instead of an engagement ring is because I do not want to propose while in college, and I do not have the money to afford the ring that I would like to have made for an engagement ring.  I would much rather propose in the future when money isn't so tight, and we have a more special setting than a dorm room at RIT, haha.  Anyways, here is a picture of the ring:

I know you cannot tell; however, the ring twists slightly on either side of the bracket holding the stone.  Here is a picture from the Internet that shows how it looks:

Week 6:

Maria went with me to classes on Monday, and before Calculus II at 10am, we hung out in my professor's office for an hour, solving cool puzzles and talking.  Maria had a lot of fun; she likes my professor...and so do I, of course (or we wouldn't have been in his office for an hour, haha!).  After classes on Monday, Maria came with me to my first research meeting with Dr. Cody.  Dr. Cody had phone calls that he had to take, but he gave me a binder with all the lab rules, safety requirements, etc, and planned to meet with me again later.  Tuesday, Maria met with someone in Packaging Science at the Admissions Office to discuss potential opportunities in the field.  Then, we went to classes again.  My Biochemistry First Year Symposium class was moved to Thursday, so I didn't have a class on Tuesday until 12pm!  That was a nice chance to get some sleep in.  We went to Biology at 1pm, and had to leave a little early and run to get Maria back to the Amtrak station in time for her train home.  Then, the rest of the week was HELL.  I had tons of homework to get done, including a lab report which wound up being 11 pages long!!!!!!!  I studied my ass off too because I had a quiz in Organic Chemistry on Friday, an exam in Biology on Thursday, and an exam in Calculus II on Friday.  I didn't get very good sleep this week.  I would be up late doing work, and have to get up at 7am for my 8am classes, then I would run back to my dorm for a 20 minute nap before my next class, and sometimes, after all of my classes were over, I would take an hour nap before jumping into work for the rest of my night.  My sleep was very unscheduled and sporadic, but I'm still alive.  Friday was extremely busy.  After my quiz in Orgo, my exam in Calc, and my Biology Lab, I went back to my dorm and cleaned.  I did two loads of laundry, vacuumed my room, folded my clothes and put them away, did some dishes, dusted, and showered.  Then, I ran to pick up the tickets for all the events that I would be doing this weekend during Homecoming (Brick City Weekend) at RIT.  On my way back from walking to get the tickets, I met up with Gary, Erin, Kyle, and Heather.  Gary and Erin were up from Syracuse to pick Kyle up, so that was nice.  Then my mom, sister, and Maria arrived, after a perilous journey involving a flat tire, and bringing a stranger to RIT.  We ate at Commons, and went to the comedy show.  The show was awesome!  Then, Maria stayed the night, and early yesterday morning (Saturday), I drove us, and three friends to a Judo class at the new dojo, where our Sensei teaches, down the road from RIT.  We were there from about 8:30 to 10:30, and then came back to shower.  My dad met us around noon and we went to lunch at the Longhorn Steakhouse on Jefferson.  We hung out for a while, and then grabbed a few sandwiches at the Dinosaur Barbecue in downtown, and went to the RIT vs. UMASS Lowell Homecoming hockey game.  I am pretty sure that this was my first hockey game, and it was awesome!  The game had lots of intense moments, including someone breaking a glass panel, and sudden death overtime.  Speaking of the sudden death overtime...that was ridiculous!  We were up 4 to 3, with 1.3 seconds remaining on the clock when UMASS scored a goal to tie us.  Sudden death resulted in nonstop action, but no goals were scored, and the final score was 4 to 4.  I expected RIT to dominate the rink, since they went to the Frozen Four national semifinals last year; however, it was a really good match.  Maria and my dad drove home, and here I am now Sunday morning writing.  I will post more soon, as more happens.

^Friday, we had a bear on our campus!  A wild bear wandered onto RIT in the courtyard right outside my window...I didn't get to see it because I must have been at class at that time; however, here is a video:


& Here are some photos:


Also, here are some pictures from this weekend's activities:


Maria and I practicing newaza (ground grappling techniques in Judo)


Here is Maria with Sophia practicing newaza (I am in the background with Manny [by the ropes]) :

Here is Manny on top of me: 

And again, Manny and I practicing newaza:

Here is a photo of Greg and I practicing nagewaza (standing grappling techniques):

For a better idea of these techniques in motion...
Here is a Judo  video of newaza: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4u41omoNO4U
Here is a Judo video of nagewaza: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83WDAFFfkkQ&feature=player_embedded

Homecoming Hockey Game: